Harnessing the Power of Vibration

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Vibrating cleansing device is the latest fad in the beauty industry. This battery-powered scrubbing device that works just like Sonicare toothbrush is starting to conquer the industry; from the applicators to mascara wands. However, do they really deliver the result that they promise? As insane as it may sound, the concept behind this device is supported by science. The power behind vibration was first discovered in 1960 by a cosmonaut; he realized that exercising while on the oscillation plate can counter the deterioration that they are experiencing in space. Additional studies showed how the contraction can increase circulation and nutrient absorption.


Achieve a Younger Looking You with an Oscillating Device


Based on the study, exposing your body to more than 50hertz of frequency while doing your exercise will help your body in producing the necessary growth hormone. Your growth chemicals will increase as much as 350%. This hormone-boosting capacity is why most companies are now offering their own version of oscillating device. While the vibrating mascara can evenly coat your lashes from different sides, it is also believe that it can stimulate the growth of our eye lashes. According to the ophthalmologist, she examined the lash under the microscope, and she noticed an increase in density. Around 81% of women who use the device also noticed longer eye lashes


The motor applicator can also work as a conditioning agent. The vibrating device that acts like a powder puff has the ability to break down the mineral components of the make-up and disperse the nutrients evenly on our face. It can also massage our skin softly which will refine the texture of our skin and reduce the visibility of fine lines; this result is based on the four-week research that was participated by 50 women. According to Anne Chapaas, a renowned dermatologist based on New York, the vibration can also stimulate circulation and improve the blood flow to our dermis. This can rejuvenate the appearance of our skin.


The benefits of these vibrating devices are not only intended for the surface of our skin. It can also warm the skin which will draw the blood closer to our skin which will enable the better absorption of minerals and nutrients. While the improvement in our blood circulation seems good enough, the vibration produced by the oscillating device can also delay the signs of premature skin aging by preparing our skin in absorbing the nutrients on serums and creams that we applied topically.


While there are still not enough clinical studies that can prove that vibration can lead to a younger looking you, Francesca Fusco believes that its capacity to stimulate fibroblast can deliver that long-lasting effect. As the vibrating device continues to invade the different aspects of beauty industry, there are still a lot of things that we should learn about it and how it really works. However, based on my experience and the testaments of thousands of women who use this device, I can certainly say that this really works. This can help avert the signs of skin aging and improve the quality of your skin.

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