What is important in cosmetic products?

Cosmetics, in this generation are used practically by every woman in all walks of life. This implies the preparation must be harmless and the ingredient pure and whole-some. What is important in cosmetic products is that it must not contain poisonous materials and much care must be exercised while manufacturing.

Cosmetics are considered to be a means to beautify complexion and improve skin. The advertisements filling the magazines and newspaper have a big hand and this is apparent in the tremendous increase in the number of rouges, face powders, creams, beauty parlors and millions are spent on cosmetics by the public.


Different cosmetic products


The varieties in cosmetic products vary with each manufacturer. The fat creams are made using lanolin, Vaseline, etc. such creams are ideal for dry skins and most dry creams are manufactured keeping the base with gelatin, soap, etc. Creams made using jellies, glycerin or gum tragacanth are referred to as soluble creams and the one that has fats, Vaseline and oils are referred to as insoluble creams.


Generally creams give a bright luster to your skin and this is because in the base it has glycerin, watery substances, oxide of tin and stearic acid. Here, each buyer must know what is important in cosmetic products. This is because Tin is poisonous and must not be used in creams.

An ideal cream should act like the secretions that normally lubricate the skin. Such creams should not interfere with the skin breathing or with the secretions flow. A cream must be such that it should be absorbed by the skin outermost cells and to accomplish this, it should contain watery materials.

How to Use Creams


What is important in cosmetic products begins as a rule that the creams must not be applied from very early age. This is because, once you begin using there is no way to discontinue it. Your skin gets tuned to using the cream.


Apply creams using absorbent cotton that is absolutely sterilized or you may use a fine linen. The cream should be spread lightly from the middle of the face towards the circumference, then the middle to the forehead and to the ears, nose, cheeks and the chin.


Removing creams depends on if the cream is soluble or insoluble. This is because soluble creams can be removed easily with a moistened cloth in boiled water dipped if the skin is dry and the same with boiled or warm water for oily skin. Insoluble creams need to be removed with moistened linen in hot water or using cotton soaked in white Vaseline.




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