L'Core Paris Review

Fight Stress and choose a Beauty Strategy

I’ve lived in New York, my hometown and I still experience stress that causes me to suffer from dry and flaky skin especially during the winter. There are a number of reasons why my skin dries up and I have worked out a beauty strategy to ensure that I would still look fantastic 10 to 30 years from now.

Investing on Beauty Care Regimen

Moisturizers are never under rated; you need to invest in quality moisturizers if you live in a city that experiences winter like New York. One of the products I have reviewed is the L’ Core Paris, my copy editor encouraged me to use this product when she noticed that I was suffering from constant acne breakouts. According to her, I was getting all this acne because my skin lacked moisture.

She gave me a bottle of Exotic Hawaiian Soufflé from L’Core Paris. The packaging looked enticing and it had this fruity fragrance I just had to try it. True to her words this product from L’Core Paris did not fail. In just a week, the acne on my face was considerably reduced and this prompted me to check out other products from L’Core Paris.

To make sure that the beautiful changes on my skin will retain. I continue using the moisturizers from L’Core Paris like the milk cleansers and facial toners.

L’Core Paris Review: Exotic Hawaiian Soufflé

This L’Core Paris product turns out to be a luxurious scrub salt that also works as a moisturizer. It works like a body scrub and detoxifies the body. It is the perfect combination for skin moisturizers and was specially formulated to heal dry skin, psoriasis, fungus, cellulite and stretch marks.

It is made from Dead Sea salts and contains unique materials that was exclusively formulated for L’ Core Paris trademark.

This product was really handy because I was able to use it together with my spa regimen. I bring it with me during my yoga sessions and use it afterwards for full skin exfoliation. I regularly stop at the Greenwich Hotel’s Shibui Spa after yoga session. This is where Japanese baths are conducted and instead of using unfamiliar creams I request them to use the Exotic Hawaiian Soufflé instead. I mix this skin care product with the 90 minute facial treatment; they rub it in my body together with Thai ginger and boosting aromatics.

The product helps detoxify my body and the Thai ginger offers a way to warm my body to remove dead skin cells. After this beauty regimen I also go for freeze facials that include the use of facial masks.

Since the L’Core Paris products work so well. I also tried the Eye Diamond Mask from L’ Core Paris once in every 2 months. It cost $3,000 but for a New Yorker nothing is really expensive when it comes to preserving your image. I have worked really hard to attain the income that I have right now and it is just right to invest in a luxury product that will make me 10 years younger.

The Eye Diamond mask specifically targets the stress underneath my eyes. It tightens the pores and wakes up the skin while providing a cooling skin care effect. It provides a face-lift effect thanks to the Gingili oil extract that is added in the Black Mamba series of L’Core Paris. After the Eye Diamond mask I usually follow it with Sapphire Milk cleanse for a soothing and hydrating mist effect.

Because of these products I am able to maintain a luxurious looking skin. My eyes look less puffy despite being up all night writing my magazine articles. The overall texture complexion of my face has improved removing the need to filter my photos on Instagram.

I feel glamorous and confident; the ability to pamper myself like this was not possible when I was just starting out as a junior editor.

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Stress is a real ugly fact of life, and while New York is one of the best cities in the world to live in. It does create a stressful environment for career women like me. Because of this, a proper investment for a beauty regimen that works is necessary.

I don’t want the daily stress of life to get in the way. I want to look and feel great despite the work load. The reason why we don’t have perfect looking skin at times is because we lack the energy and we have not researched on the proper way of taking care of our skin.

To maximize the results of the skin care products that I am using  I make sure to have at least 6 hours of eye shut and also add in meditation to my beauty regimen .

Meditation has served me well and improves my well-being and the way I reflect in life.  Blending all of these elements and working with a complete beauty daily regimen has served me well and has brought back the lost youthful look on my skin.

I still get surprised when they think that I am just 30 years old. The skin care products from L’Core Paris combined with healthy food and meditation is proven beneficial for my body and entire wellbeing.

Building an Age Skin Defense:

Climate change has resulted to airborne pollutants and a city girl like me from New York is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals that attack the immune system surfaces especially the skin. Cosmetic companies like L’Core Paris has taken measures to shield the skin from these harsh elements and these products that I have mentioned have helped me get through an entire year of stress and worries.

If you want to maintain your youthful looking skin then you need to plan a way to safeguard your skin. Select a beauty skin regimen that will work for you and make sure to select skin care products that contain high quality ingredients. It is always better to focus on prevention now than do a costly damage control.