Pro Cosmetics Reviews: Skin Defense for the Cold

Winter is here and we all know that we have to say hello once again to extremely dry and flaking skin. Chapped lips and painful stinging windburns are also there to welcome our skin this season. Are these skin tragedies inevitable? Or is there a way to completely skip this part and enjoy the winter wonderland? There is actually a way to dodge this seasonal skin attacks with the use of deep moisturizers. Moisturizing is easier said than done. The art of taking care of the skin does not solve itself by grabbing a bottle labeled with “Moisturizer” in it. Choosing the right moisturizer takes time and effort.

Keep in mind that too much moisturization can also harm the skin to some extent. Moisturizers have the potential to loosen up the skin and cause it to sag. A saggy skin can promote signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It also has the ability to open up the pores and accumulate dirt and chemicals that may lead to premature development of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also cause skin impurities like pimples, acne, blemishes, and discoloration. Worst case, it can also cause permanent skin damages which are highly unsightly and uncomfortable.

Body Care

It does not take much time and effort to maintain our body’s skin during the winter. You just have to whip up some body lotions or body moisturizers and you’re good to go. The classic tin compact of Nivea crème can be enough to moisturize your skin for the whole day. Although for winter, if you have naturally dry skin, you would want to use from time to time to replenish the moisutre.

For a stronger approach, you can choose to use body oils so it deeply seeps into the skin and produces natural oil along with artificial oil to keep your skin hydrated. Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Oil is a handy product during the winter since it has a fast absorbing formula that hydrates the skin and prevents it from developing any signs of aging.

Once in a while, we still need exfoliation during the winter. It is best to use the mildest ones to prevent the skin from agitating any allergens and skin flaking. It is recommended to use L’core Paris’ Gourmet Sugar Exfoliator for a very mild and fine skin exfoliation. L’core luxury reviews for this product are outstanding so this is definitely worth the shot.

Facial Care

The face’s skin is the hardest to maintain during the winter. It’s the most prone part to flake and dry up. To avoid this, using mild facial cleansers like L’core Paris’ Sapphire Facial Cleansing Mousse can help you prevent skin irritations due to too much facial exfoliation. The Sapphire Collection also gained a high amount of L’core luxury reviews due to its uniquely mild and intensive skin cleansers.

Deep moisturizers like L’core Paris 24k Night Cream and 24 Ultra Hydrating Day Cream can save your skin from getting dry and irritated.