Makeup Setting Problems due to Dryness

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ highlighter palette “Moonchild” gives us all the more reason to fall in love with makeup. This beautiful piece of goodness contains 6 highlighter shades that is compatible with any skin color.

I was able to get my hands on this palette. The only problem is, it’s not setting on to my face. I noticed that the consistency of the highlighters are slight powdery so it is natural that the highlighter will not set on super dry skin.

Dryness of the skin is not a new thing to any of us. This why we have our night creams and serums to keep it well hydrated.

But there’s always that one skin type which is just plain stubborn. No matter how much moisturizing product you use, the skin just rejects it and flakes.

Skincare brands matter!

Trying out designer brands is the only option for a stubborn dry skin. Designer brands have strong formula to amplify treatment for a long term and fast effects. La Mer, for example produces excellent results after continuous usage. One commendable brand that also did an excellent work on my skin is L’Core Paris.

There are tons and tons of reviews and blogs about L’Core Paris. Most of the L’Core Paris’ review claim that the products work incredibly fast. I, myself can vouch for that.

Even though the prices are your standard designer brand, it does an excellent job in improving and maintaining your skin.

L’Core Paris best hydration choices

There is a variety of skincare products in L’Core Paris. Two of the most underrated lines are the Emerald and Ruby collection. Both collections enhance moisture and pigmentation of the skin. Look out for these L’Core Paris products:

  • Lavo Bio Thermal Serum
  • Facial Cleansing Mousse
  • Emerald Collagen Cream
  • Emerald Collagen Mask
  • Gourmet Body Butter


For the Anastasia Moonchild to stick on that dry face, we have to hydrate and secrete our skin with more oil. Follow the routine below continuously for 3 weeks and this will condition your skin to produce more oil without drying out ever. L’Core Paris products ensure fast results so you wouldn’t need to wait for months to try out new highlighters.

Cleanse your face with a very mild cleanser like the Sapphire Cleansing Mousse. Toners and any other harsh cleansers are the main cause of skin dryness. Toning and washing your face, massage over your Lavo Bio Thermal Serum for moisture and let it sit until your skin absorbs the minerals.

Finally, you can use the Emerald Collagen mask to condition your skin and boost the effects of the Emerald Collagen cream that you’re going to use after treating your face with the mask.

Skin hydration improves elasticity and lets your favorite makeup set perfectly on your skin.