How to Avoid the Biggest Skin Care Scams Online

Online scams are rampant nowadays, the technological advancement has provided numerous ways for individuals to create certain online campaigns that are targeted to create fake or scam trials that lure people into paying more than what is necessary.

The skin care industry is a billion dollar industry and in the United States alone there are different brand labels that compete with each other to fill in the need for cosmetics and skin care products. As a result, organized crime groups are getting more intelligent when it comes to branding and strategizing fake skin care products online and there is a need for customers to remain vigilant to avoid falling prey for this scams.

What is the type of scams existing online?

Most shady companies would advertise a free trial for their product, and thousands of people are just too glad to sign up thinking they are getting themselves a bargain for the skin creams and weight loss pills that are made available online. But these types of free sample trials are a form of scam and you can end up paying for as high as $200 a month for a product that you are not even impressed with.

To avoid getting scammed in the first place, if the offer seems good to be true then it probably is. A lot of banks receive complaints every day from customers who got duped into signing for costly monthly subscriptions for skin care products that turned out to be scam in nature.

Giant cosmetic brands like Chanel and L’Core Paris strive to do away with this. In an attempt to secure the image of high end luxury brands they have imposed certain rules to make sure that only authentic products are sold in their online site and that there are no Chanel scams or L’Core Paris scams that are being done on their respective websites. There are no free trial scams with high end brands and there is a proper selection for promo dates. This is to ensure that the clients remain loyal and feel secure about buying the skin care products online.

Shady companies would usually ask the credit card of their clients online and a small free for the packaging fee of their free teeth whiteners or free lotion and other supplements. But what they don’t know is that after the free trial is done, there is an ongoing subscription every month. Most people do not bother to read about the fine print. These companies will only offer 30 free day trial but once this is done, the customers will be charged monthly and it will do an automatic withdrawal on their bank account without them getting informed.

This has prompted a lot of banks to come out with notices and reminders for clients to be wary of free trials that they advantage of customers. Most of the victims of these types of online scam are not able to stop the payments and they cannot even contact the company. Most of the customer service numbers posted online are fake, and they end up getting lectured on the fact that they did not read the terms and conditions that appeared on their screen.

The use of Buzzwords on skin care products sold online

Most skin care companies will try to dupe the client into buying by putting the words hypo-allergenic on the product. Buyers should beware of this technique. As of the moment there is still no standard as to how this is determined. There are just skin care companies who will put this on the label to convince clients that the ingredients are effective, but it will not really provide a guarantee if the product is indeed free of allergic reaction on the skin.

Instead of looking for the words hypoallergenic, look for the words broad spectrum and non-comedogenic instead. These terms are important when it comes to skin care products. If the words broad spectrum are included it means that the product provides ample UVA and UVB skin protection from the sun, and it has also been approved by the FDA. Another term to look for is the Non-comedogenic- this part means that the product is free from ingredients that will clog the pores. Look for this term in the labels of moisturizers and facial creams.

Be sure to buy from licensed merchants only, high end luxury brands like L’Core Paris and Estee Lauder are selling their wares only with licensed skin care centers and directly online. Be careful with transactions done in other websites because these might turn out to be L’Core Paris scams that are not in any way related to the real manufacturers of the brand.

Avoid cheap cosmetics online

L’Core Paris only deals with licensed and authorized resellers for their products. This is to guarantee that the products remain safe for use and to upgrade quality and integrity of the brand. There are those who usually get tempted to buy cheap or fake cosmetics online just because they are on sale. But these have serious repercussions on the skin. Fake or counterfeit skin care products can lead to allergies, permanent skin discoloration and even cancer.

Only purchase from skin care brands that are trusted and the ones that make use of high quality ingredients inside their products.

Be a critical thinker and use your ability to discern if the company is shady or not. Be wary of free trials and always read the fine print before agreeing or purchasing anything especially online. Be sure to check the label and read the ingredients. After all, it is your skin that is going to be sacrificed if something goes wrong. It does not mean that if the product is cheap, that it is a good bargain. At times, the best thing to do is to do a good skin care investment. Taking care of your skin is a rewarding thing to do and would benefit you in the many years to come.