Pro Cosmetics Review: Green Tea, Beeswax, and Vanilla Oil

In skincare products, we often choose those that are made with organic ingredients. We always think that organic skincare products treats the skin milder and acts faster than fully manmade chemicals. True enough, organic skincare products are acting faster than harsh manmade chemicals. Natural elements snap back together when exposed to third party elements like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water.

Skincare products with organic ingredients as their building blocks can be absorbed by the skin faster than heavily formulated chemicals. Because the elements move faster for organic ingredients, the glands on our skin can easily detect them and absorb them. The natural hydration and moisture of our skin will then filter the nutrients being absorbed and let the pores absorb only the needed and best ingredients.

L’core Paris is a luxury skincare brand that effectively uses all organic skincare products that enhance the overall health of the skin. Because of the brand’s wide popularity among skincare and beauty enthusiasts, knockoff scam L’core cosmetics surfaced around the web. These fakes are being sold with half of the original price than the authentic L’core Paris products. I highly recommend that you stir away from this scam L’core cosmetics imitation and stick with your original L’core Paris products. Risking the health of your skin by buying these products is not exactly a money saving move since any skin complication that may occur can you more money than what you are currently paying for the authentic skincare products.


All Organic Ingredients

Every skincare and beauty enthusiast should make it a habit of browsing the ingredients of the skin care products that they are buying. Cross checking if you have allergies to certain skincare ingredients is one good way in choosing the perfect skin care products for yourself. You can also check if the products contain some ingredients that you think are dangerous for the skin’s well being.

Here are some of the skincare ingredients that you should consider getting:

Starting with Green Tea extracts, these extracts are commonly seen from anti-aging products around the cosmetics industry. Aside from its skin tightening, it is also very rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from further damages and discoloration. Keeping the skin clean from impurity causing agents

Another excellent skincare ingredient is Vanilla Oil. It’s a multi function skincare ingredient that protects the skin with its rich antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and nourishing components. An all skincare ingredient that is ideal for everyday protection. For added antioxidant, Marigold extract can also boost up the dirt elimination of the body.

For an overall rich moisture and calming elements, you should watch out for Beeswax and it should do the job for you.