Pearl Power: For Brighter Skin

Long before, pearls have been prized as jewelry, and it was believed that when ground into a fine powder, pearls can give the skin a beautiful, lustrous glow. Royal families in Asia would use the bright powder as a cosmetic, or even as an acne treatment. The powder was also used in Chinese medicine as both a relaxant and anti-inflammatory. L’Core Paris endeavored in both research and development and with the aid of advanced technology was able to create luxurious and effective products. By using natural ingredients, they lowered any risks brought by being exposed to toxic chemicals.

In line with their passion to provide consumers with the best products, L’Core provides not only great products, but excellent service. Because the brand tirelessly improves their products and methods, consumers still purchase our products, despite complaints concerning L’Core Luxury Scams. While the brand does run into reviews about fake products or ripoffs, there have never been complaints about skin damage.

Most people don’t realize that other beauty products are full of preservatives, stabilizers, strange fragrances and artificial colors, which can potentially cause negative health effects when the product is absorbed into the skin. The use of natural products in skin care boosts the skin’s ability to repair and revitalize skin, making it better than ever. It also helps counteract damage done by our modern way of living.

Pearl Benefits

Pearl does more than just brighten the skin. Pearl is a valuable mineral because it contains magnesium, zinc, copper and calcium and it aids in the strengthening of the skin and bones. It also promotes SOD, a natural antioxidant enzyme. The enzyme helps in preventing melanin from developing, and in turn prevents dark patches, freckles and other skin blemishes.

A Potent Antioxidant

The full name of SOD is Superoxide Dismutase, and is naturally produced by the human body. This enzyme absorbs free radicals and protects tissue cells from possible damage. It is also found in the skin, and is vital to the production of healthy skin-building cells. SOD also reduces any oxidative stress that could, when left alone lead to problems such as arthritis, stroke and atherosclerosis. Additionally, pearl can also promote healing and slows down the signs of skin aging.