A product description for Wrinkless Eye



In modern society, we have gotten used to the dynamic on-going lifestyle which most individuals have to embrace in order to prosper. Regardless of whether you like such a lifestyle or not, it always leads to its own consequences. As technology advanced, many jobs were replaced with ones which require you to sit in front of a computer while others just require you to sit in front of some kind of other screen – tablets, phones, TVs. Unfortunately, not only do we get nasty eye shadows, but the eyes are the window to the world. What that means is that they are one of the first areas which give away our age.



What Can You Do About It?


You are quite fortunate that we are glad to present to you Wrinkless Eye, a brand new eye tissue stimulation device. Its unique properties are meant to focus on the precise area around the eyes and enable it exceptional technology to lift up and firm the skin as it absorbs efficiently all of the skin care products.


Features of Wrinkless Eye


The first thing you will notice once you purchase the device is its well-designed shape which is quite small and meant to be made mobile, so you could easily fit it in your purse at your convenience. It does not require any cables as it runs on a battery, which of course has its own disadvantages, but that only contributes to the mobility and ease of use of the product.


Did you know that skin care products dwell deep into your skin and some have quite negative effects? This is exactly why Wrinkless Eye is designed in such a manner that its absorption can go as deep as 5 millimeters into your skin and completely restore your skin as well as moisture it. There are two types of wave colors – blue and red which penetrate the skin. Wrinkless Eye could and is recommended to be used on a daily basis in order to increase your skin’s elasticity and reduce the shadows under your eye as soon as possible.


Two Modes of Usage


You have the freedom to choose between two different modes of work:


  • Massage

As the name suggests its purpose, it is done through a high vibration frequency which will stimulate the tired skin, remove the damaging toxins and eliminate the unused water underneath which will help the reshaping of the skin area around the eyes and lead to a firm and elastic skin.


  • Magnetic Heat Lift

This mode again uses a high vibration frequency, except it is twice as fast and this time the device uses reasonable amount of heat – around 45 degrees Celsius, 113 Fahrenheit – which help repair the fatigued skin and remove signs of aging. It only takes a few seconds for the device to heat up.


The device is extremely easy to use, could be charged through a USB and has a small size which enables it to both be used with precision and be stored wherever you want.