A Product Review Of L’core Paris Advanced Eye Day And Night Cream

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A Product Review Of  L'core Paris Advanced Eye Day And Night Cream
Most of the skin care products on the market today are harmful to the skin, and potentially harmful for the body. Many women spend hundreds of dollars a year on skin care products and do not know that most of those products contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin or cause cancer.


Your product should have retinol, a powerful antioxidant and great source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is what we need if we want to get rid of wrinkles and age spots because it nurtures the face and skin. Moreover, it also helps us fight free radicals that cause destruction and promote the growth of cancer cells.

Avoid anti aging products that use to much or just even use fragrances. It can contains damaging toxin for your skin. Never buy products based on how fragrant it is. Collagen maybe good for the body, but not when applying it only externally on your body. Collagen cannot penetrate the pores in our skin. Buy those can increase and stimulate the productivity of collagen in our body. Another good ingredient worth having in the items we buy is anti oxidants. This help fights free radicals in our body that causes lines, sagging and wrinkles.

~ Injectable Vitamins: B-Complex, C, D, A, E, calcium, etc. All great, and more effective by 300% to 400% than vitamins swallowed. The B-Complex might even give you an energy buzz at first. B-Complex is one of the very best de-stress vitamin groups.

The destruction of collagen, and elastin, is a major factor in skin aging and skin deterioration. The destruction of collagen is a natural part of aging, both of our skin and our whole body.

Paraffin also known as mineral oil leaves a film on your skin that clogs your pores. Over time, your skin depends on it and will begin to show wrinkles and sag. This should not be in skin care products.

Luckily, there are products like Revitol which is comprised of all-natural ingredients. You take it as you would any kind of supplement or vitamin. You take it every day and slowly you'll start to notice results. I know the word "slowly" might sound like a negative, but as a person who has tried a lot of "miracle overnight cures", I can tell that you "slowly" is the only safe way to go.