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Beauty Bloggers Review L’Core Paris

You have the skin of a 17 year old, what is your routine? That is a question that is often asked from me. I am already 24 years old and have taken a keen interest on creating beauty blogs that focus on creating a review on top cosmetic brands worldwide. The duty of a beauty blogger must not be underestimated. The cosmetic skin care production is a billion dollar industry, there are so many products to choose from and how does one know if the products that they are using are genuine and can provide the benefits they have promised?

Why my skin stays young and fresh?

It all boils down to having a skin care treatment that really works. Before I was able to understand what type of skin care regimen works for me I had to try out several skin care products.

Although I have encountered some L’Core Paris complaints online I still purchased it. A critical beauty blogger needs to try the product first before believing in complaints. Remember that there are paid online trolls out there that will destroy the reputation of competing brands but it does not mean that the L’Core Paris complaints are legit.

I start my beauty care regimen by using an eye cream serum and moisturizer. To be specific I use the 24k Eye Serum from L’Core.

Most of the problems on my face are noticed because of the dark saggy eye bags that I have. This is the reason why I started using an eye serum that will solve my main problem area.

I have found out that the cream really works and I have no complaints about the L’Core Paris serum. For the moisturizer I make use of the Sapphire Milk Cleanser together with the Shiffa Tamanu moisturizer to create a more solid effect. I vary between the cosmetic product that I use and before starting all of the skin regime rituals I make use of MAC wipe to remove excess make-up.

There are certain products that I frequently use. I would swear by them as a beauty blogger. These products that I have tested for the past few months belong to L’Core Paris. This cosmetic brand has already made a strong impression on me and as a result the facial creams and toners from this particular brand are already added on my skin care must haves.

Some of my top picks will include the Facial Cleansing Mousse from L’Core Luxury Collection.

The facial cleansing mousse has been added as part of my list because it has encouraged me to wash my face every morning. The ingredients feel elegant on the skin. I love the scent of castor oil and aloe leaf extract that is included in the product.

I love the feeling that it creates on my face; it has easily replaced the former skin care products that I have used. It naturally fades sunspots and has this dewy boost effect. There is a lot to love about this velvety facial mousse, from the sun protection to the rich natural oil content. I don’t just use it in the morning it is also included in my night ritual. I press it on my skin and wake up looking rested.

Right now I am looking into adding the Sapphire Facial cleanser in the list of must- haves from L’Core Paris. Other products from this cosmetic brand are focused on providing anti-aging qualities. They are line smoothing and are advertised to contain super exfoliating properties.

60 Sec Face Lift cream

I also have no complaints listen on the L’Core Paris 60 sec Face Lift cream. Despite being a high end product the application of L’Core Paris products is really easy. The products are simple and gentle; they can be used after removing make up. Most of the facial creams from this cosmetic brand can dislodge dirt but leaves the skin feeling really clean but without causing irritation.

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About L’Core Paris complaints

Been using the product for more than 4 months now and I still have yet to create a complaint. It seems that all of the products that I have used exceeded my expectation.

I am also really careful about my beauty rituals, which could be contributing to the reason why the formulas work so well on my skin.

Good Skin Care Habits to follow

As a beauty blogger I would suggest first time skin care cosmetic users to avoid touching their face throughout the day if they can. This will reduce the dirt, germs and oil that come in contact with the skin thus preventing irritation and breakouts.

I would also limit sun exposure; it is helpful to buy a fancy hat and shades to cover parts of the skin especially when you have just applied facial cream or serum on your face.

Avoid patting or rubbing the skin after taking a bath, you would want to maintain the moisture of the skin for as long as you can. To ensure that you will stay hydrated you also need to drink lots of water and fruit juices for easier skin management.

After using all of these skin care products I also make sure that I eat right. Eating the right type of foods like oatmeal and watermelon can do wonders for the skin.

When taking a bath you also need to make sure never to use too much hot water. An overly hot bath can create an opposite effect on the skin; you just need to make use of lukewarm water, it would be best to find anything that would help the water feel softer to avoid creating damage on the skin.

By investing on your skin and purchasing products that truly work you protect the skin for a much longer time. The right type of products will give guaranteed results. There will be more cosmetic products that I will be reviewing. But one thing is for sure this recent review from L’Core Paris contains no complaints and just positive impressions.