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L’core Paris : Offering Breakthrough Products for Skincare from


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If you go online and look for skincare products that can prove to be effective in improving skin health and appearance, you will be surely overwhelmed with the multiplicity of the alternatives you will be confronted with. For sure, the decision is not going to be an easy feat as you need to spare time in evaluating how one is different from the other. Keep in mind that not all cosmetic companies are the same, and not all of them can deliver the results they are promising. If you are looking for the best, one of the options you can take into consideration is L’core Paris, a leading brand for skincare products that are especially popular for people who would like to delay the visible signs of aging on their skin.


L'Core Paris - About The Company


Created by nature, perfected by human – this is what L’core claims to be. True enough, based on their products and reviews from their customers, this luxury brand of cosmetics is growing to be one of the best in the business. The company is one of the pioneering names in the introduction of revolutionary breakthroughs in the skincare industry, specializing in the production of cosmetics made from natural and carefully selected ingredients. They provide a diverse selection of products asserted to be providing the best non-surgical solutions in achieving a younger-looking and more radiant skin. L’core products help their clients to forget about surgical and painful procedures.


L'Core - Not Your Ordinary Cosmetics


What exactly does make L’core one of a kind? Perhaps, it would be their choice of materials for their luxury cosmetics.  A perfect example of such would be the use of metals and stones. For instance, they have an eye cream made from gold sprinkles, and they have other skincare products with sapphire dust. These ingredients are sourced thoroughly, and the manufacturer makes sure they will be both safe and effective.


The use of metals and stones in cosmetics, such as with the products from L’core, has been supported by experts. Gold, for instance, is believed to be acting on the cellular level and providing deep penetration to deliver positive impacts on skin appearance. They strengthen the skin cells and also provide one with an unusual glow, which can be compared to a sparkling and shimmering jewelry. They can also contain light reflective properties, making it possible for the skin to look younger.


L’core is indeed the savior of people who have been incessantly searching for the best solutions and alternatives for face lifts, eye lifts, and skin rejuvenation. These packaged cosmetics can do wonders in defying aging and in being able to bring back your glow just like in your youth.





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I got my product from influenster to try out! I tried it out last night and really wasn't a fan only because I didn't notice any difference! My body is so dry after I take a shower and it still was when I got out! Design was neat, its small. Didn't really have a scent. My skin didn't feel smooth.

What a great products!

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I use the crysteline twice a week and i see great results. Though, the price is very expensive.


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This firming cream is worth every penny, So if you want something that really works, this is the product. I'm really amazed at what It has done for me. I have never put much faith in these kind of products, but I'm going to stick with this one, It really works, at least for me.


L’Core Paris.The Diamond Collection:

This day and age, it’s no longer a man’s world. Women today have established high-

level leadership in business, workplace, and countless other fields. There are some traits

women can provide that are just better than men: fierce tenacity and emotional

intelligence. It’s never easy, but women do it brilliantly.


But with all the stress and the hustle and bustle of every day life, it does take some

toll to the skin. Thankfully, women can now shine as brilliantly as their careers, with a little

help from a girl’s best friend.


Diamond is specially known for its gemological properties: it’s one of the hardest

natural substances on the planet and the way it shines in light make it a high-grade jewelry,

with unmatched elegance and beauty. As a symbol of purity, innocence, and love, diamonds

have also been highly regarded for its metaphysical properties. It is believed that diamonds

contain therapeutic properties and release physical, emotional, and chakra healing energy.

With the L’Core Paris Diamond Collection, you can experience the wonderful

properties that diamonds have to offer; plus its anti-aging benefit that studies have

revealed. The diamond powder in this collection stimulates and strengthens the skin and

offers protection against environmental damage. The excellent light dispersion of the

diamonds also allows the skin to appear brighter than before.

When it comes to jewelry, symbolism, and positive energy, diamonds can be a

woman’s best friend. With L’Core Paris Diamond Collection, you can shine bright like a



Luxury Collections For Your Skin Care Needs

Nothing can top the feeling of elegance provided by wearing precious gems and

metals such as diamonds and gold; nothing perhaps other than wearing it in your skin.

L’Core Paris has released a line of collections catered to different skin care needs using

natural minerals that exudes elegance. These beautiful collections are the perfect gifts for

yourself: pamper your skin with a little luxury.


These lines of products possess the luxurious qualities and properties of different

precious gems and metals, and all offer excellent skin protection and rehabilitation that will

leave you with softer, smoother, younger looking skin with heathier glow. Each line is

designed specifically for different skin care needs:

  •  L’Core 24K Gold Collection for your everyday skin care needs
  •  L'Core Crystalline Diamond Collection for wrinkles and express lifting
  •  L'Core Emerald Collection infused with collagen
  •  L’Core Sapphire Collection for facial cleansing
  •  L’Core Lavo Ruby Collection for bio thermal treatment


o This line is consisted of facial creams, masks, and serums with nanoparticles

of gold to improve skin tone, elasticity, and blood circulation for a healthy


o Consists of cream, serum, and wrinkle filler with diamond dust designed to

smoothen skin for a more youthful appearance.

o A set of collagen mask, serum, and cream that firms the skin, while

establishing natural moisture levels.

o This line of acne control mask, facial cleaning mousse, toner, peel, and

cleanser have sapphire’s cleansing properties and rejuvenating effects.

o This trio of cream, serum, and facial mask are specially formulated to prevent

premature signs of aging. It has extra-fine ruby powder and keeps skin

conditioned and moisturized.


L’Core Paris offers top-grade high-quality products as a non-surgical solution to skin

care, with the added luxury and benefits of gemstone facials. You have the opportunity to

make your beauty routine extra special. It’s time to indulge in the splendor and

sophistication of L’Core Paris gemstone collections and please your skin with the beautiful

treatment that you deserve.

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