L'Core Paris 24k Eye Serum and Cream Usage and Benefits


Looking for the best eye skin care products that effectively fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines? Try our L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream and discover your true beauty like no other. It combines the best potentials of natural organic ingredients, and the best conducting essence of 24k gold and diamonds sorted out in one beautifying solution through the powerful application of nanotechnology.


In the history, gold had already been used in cosmetic applications among ancient royalties. Egyptians even believed that the gold metallic element can cure both physical and mental diseases. Today, science has proved it that gold is indeed beneficial to your skin. Most of its skin care benefits are attributed to the presence of electrons in the skin from which the presence of gold can enhance electron conduction and further cell rejuvenation and cell repair. This is the guiding principle of why L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream has come to exist.


L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream revolutionizes the cosmetics industry with the infusion of pure gold especially in the serum. Due to the powerful cosmetic effect of gold and other infused minerals such as diamonds, L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream paves way to a safer and more effective cosmetic solutions that further skin rejuvenation, eye lifts, and facelifts in contrast with surgical procedures and cosmetic injections which are known to be risky and also very expensive.


Basically, L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream is carefully designed to suit even with the most sensitive skin. That is why, you don’t have to worry about irritations and unwanted skin reactions that may surface like most other cosmetic serums usually do. In addition, the 24k eye serum is known to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes preventing any fine lines and eye wrinkles from surfacing. With most of the skin cells are made of water, the serum is filled with hydrating essentials to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.


Added to the skin benefits that L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream brings, you will also experience a youthful skin around your eyes concealing obvious signs of fatigue, fine lines, dark circles, and sagging. With the combined effect of gold, organic plant extracts, and other skin-nourishing essentials, L'Core Paris 24k eye serum and cream promises you a better looking skin around your eyes without the need of expensive surgeries and risky injections.


When applying the 24k eye serum, you simply have to apply squeeze out a small amount and massage it gently around your eyes. Make sure that you are able to cover the areas under the eye, the brow bone and the eyelids. Pat gently until your skin fully absorbs the essence of the serum.


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L'Core Paris has my new favorite day cream. It is light and doesn't make my face dry or oily. It is simple to use and I just love the way my skin feels and how my face looks.

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I use the crysteline twice a week and i see great results. Though, the price is very expensive.

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I have the worst dark circles. No matter what I tried or how expensive the products were nothing has ever helped my eyes and all I wanted to do was get help. I was about to give up and then discovered the amazing L'Core Paris store and products...night cream that vanishes dark circles underneath my eyes. I feel refreshed everyday versus hearing that I look tired all the time.